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Here is an understandable theory of the different mechanisms of Intelligence, Instincts, and Dreaming.

A science fiction fantasy story that sweeps across the most powerful of human passions, where anything might happen, and happens.

Sunrise at the mountain, From "Blood Flower"

A historical fiction story engulfing the physical and psychological landscape of Iran from 1975 to the Islamic Revolution. The first celebration of Terrorism's greatest success.

A follow-up to "Lock Linked" giving a more detailed examination of the nature of Intelligence and Instincts - Written especially for the general reader.

The Great Sphinx at the Pyramid Site on the plataeu of Giza. The Sphinx was most likely constructed by King Cheops' son Djedefre and may have originally been sculpted with the image of King Djedefre's face as a symbolic means of Djedefre forever protecting his father's tomb site.

A most powerful and thought provoking look at today's world, and a promise for a brighter future. This book is deffinitely not for the faint of mind. Here is a book you will surely want to read again-and-again.

"THE ASKANDAR" is the continuation of the story ETMA PNIKRE. Where the survivors discover that Mother Nature's instincts of love, hatred, and savagry are riding in the starship in the safe luxury of each individual survivor.

"Blood Flower" Chapter 20 heading.

"The Conquest" Cortes has landed on the Gulf Coast and begins his march towards Tenoch (Mexico City) The Emperor Montezuma tries every means to stop Cortes. Jaguar & Little Rabbit's world waits in suspence of what the fates will bring. Contains: MAPS, ILLUSTRATIONS, AZTEC CALENDARS, ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS, and more than 90 Supplemental Notes.

This book is the third in my series of four books dealing with Intelligence, Instincts, and Consciousness. Written for a general audience - highly understandable. Discover the hidden Instincts that drive our lives and our societies.

"The Conquest" The continuing story of Jaguar and Five Rabbit, embedded within the story of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. An illustration from the book of The Sacred Precinct of Tenoch in 1519, before it was destroyed by the invading Spanish army of Cortes.

Historical Fiction set within the Aztec Empire from 1516 to 1519 CE. A story of love, friendships, warriors, and families living in a world where Heaven and Hell daily rubbed their social elbows.

Within all creatures that dream, here is the true and basic cause of REM Dreaming. The nature of our nighttime dreams is caused by a normal sleep functioning of the mechanisms of Intelligence. (To be published in 2007)

From "Blood Flower" Photo of a relief sculpting at Persepolis, Iran. Image restored to its original completeness by N.R. Peery.

FINALLY! An understandable theory of the nature of Consciousness that does not spend hundreds of pages of print, while dancing around the issue, but precisely defines its mechanisms and their functioning. Here is the birth of our potentially immortal spirit. (To be published in late 2007)

One of the graphics from the Section "Patterns" from "Lock Linked - Intelligence - Instinct - Dreams - Education"

REAL WORLD POETRY: The mood of these poems is to address the lack of objective truth within many of the world's major philosophies and to provide a promise for better tomorrows.

A graphic from the section "Cross Sensory Address Linking" in the book "Lock Linked - Intelligence - Instinct - Dreams - Education."

Illustration from: "The Conquest" The continuing story of Jaguar and Five Rabbit and Cortes' conquest of Mexico. Aztec Lovers, Gay and Straight, battle to save their world. Now available Worldwide at online booksellers and Bookstores.

Baby Picture of the Author.

FORBIDDEN SPECULATIONS: The author's new book of Speculations in the mood of its predecessor "FORBIDDEN and UNHOLY SPECULATIONS"--Coming to print in early 2007.

Real World Poetry Book Two: Is Just now in Print and is available Worldwide. Here are Poems that are of the same tenor as the first book of Real World Poetry. A Poetic Wake-up Call to a world that sleeps. A prophesy of the future.(Also Available as an e-Book)

The Author.

Cover for the author's newest Historical Fiction Novel "Egypt - The Promised Land" (Coming to Print in 2007)

Comming Soon, the next SciFi story in the sequence from "ETMA PNIKRE" to "THE ASKANDAR" and on to "DANCE OF IMMORTALITY."

Music CD "Time Fragments: " Piano Concerto "Times Passage", Paul's Theme From ETMA PNIKRE, Dance of Quetzalcoatl, For You, Borders, Spring Rains, La La La Strings, Xochippilli's Dance, Swirled Dream, Border's Strings, My Love For You.

"TWILIGHT" My first Music CD - Concerto of Life - The Ash of Dreams - You are My Love - Variations on a Theme - Wandering Theme - The Mixed Dream - Magic in the Night - The Need for You - This is a Song of Love - The Shadows of the Night.

Photograph of the Author

Illustration from "Egypt the Promised Land" The pyramind site of King Zoser as it might have appeared just after its construction.